/ Worklink



We acknowledge the importance of tables, we all need lots of tables, for meeting purposes, workstation, teamwork, collaboration and communication

The name says it all; WorkLink.

We link all your work style together, seamless activities for different functions, teamwork and collaboration.

A simple table that is meant for all sort of functions and usage, isn’t it an obvious intelligent cost-saving solution? Need not to break your Organization’s budget but get the solution that is one for all, all for one

Be it a formal or casual meeting or gathering, WorkLink simply links altogether. A cluster of tables could be placed throughout the office space, this way it promotes better communication flow. with WorkLink, there is no need to have customised meeting tables and in a long run, it helps to save on the operating cost.


Seamless Wire Management

Supported by seamless wire management whereby electrical wires can run from the ground to the top of the table.

Add on and Optional Accessories

Accessories can be add on to make your workstyle more efficient thus achieving the Organization objectives and individual work performances