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Fit to Your Style.

As more and more people are heading towards the open office space design, WORKFIT is designed with the new-generation working style in mind.

Its open design style facilitates better communication between colleagues, and allows for a quicker exchange of information amongst parties will lead to stronger cooperation beyond the framework of the team.

Freedom of Movement

Adaptable to many different workstyles based on different workspace configurations, its clean lines and simple design makes it easy to fit into the design of any workplace.

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Adapt to your Workstyle

Providing the space for light work and touch down spot before moving to the next action.

Semi-open seat to fit into the office. Individual table can place together to create a focusing work-style.

Fit for establishing a close working relationship with another co-worker. By installing a front panel for some privacy.

Fit for a simple high stool and bench for solo work or discussion among the teams and members.

Fit for a quick gathering and discussion. An island of storage while you hold small meeting within the space.

Fit for solo work where attention and focusing is essential for employees. Comes with high bench and stools that improve better focus level.

Fit for open management work-style. Is ideal for managers level as well as a space for visitors or staff for a quick discussion.

Fit for social space, ideal for gathering and quick coffee over some small talk. Place a long the passageway for such work-style.