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Sequence is the new height-adjustable table that is designed and made in Japan. Based on the emphasis on better work efficiency and the growing trend of standing up while working, we designed sequence to fits into the demand and requirements. Sequence comes three different selections; typical workstation style, management desk and meeting table.

Using the craftsmanship and technology from Japan, Sequence is versatile, easy to use and also premium.

With the growing trend, Sequence aims to provide a better working solution for the employees and at the same time increase the efficiency of the organisation.


Accessories Support

Sequence comes with a varies of accessories to support your work. Accessories including metal trays, desk top shelving, under table drawer and bottom shelf.

Aesthetically Pleasing

From the selections of the quality table top finished, sleek looking table legs and functional switches control. Sequence is designed to be aesthetically appealing and pleasing.