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Creating a cosy ambience within the business environment setting is essential for the latest work trend and style. Employees should able to feel the warmth of the office space and furniture so that they could feel at ease while perform their work.

Region meeting table aims to combine the design and flexibility. Its natural finishes and combination of colours and materials selected to make the whole office cosy. Comes with varies height and dimensions, Region is flexible enough to support the way and how you would like to work.


Flexibility Options

Solo work and communication exquisite distance setting that can be compatible with each other. By designing five heights design and by shifting the line of sight to vertical, horizontal combining essential concentration in the lounge and ad-hoc conversation.

Heights Variations

Depending on the use of the table. The table is designed from different work style. From standing, semi-high sitting, standard sitting, low sitting and even low relaxing sitting style.