/ pallo

Compact form and comfortable seating. A chair that supports flexible working styles.

Comfortable support for various work postures

From collaboration to solo work, it comfortably supports your work posture in various scenes.

Round form design that gives a gentle impression to the space

The backrest and seat surface are compact to the minimum size while maintaining sufficient comfort.
The short armrests reduce interference with the desk and surrounding furniture, allowing you to be closer to the table.
The round form design gives a gentle impression to the space, and the circular seat makes standing and sitting smooth.

One-touch detachable and replaceable long-life design

The backrest and seat can be attached and detached with one touch, and can be replaced without tools.
It has a long-life design that allows you to change the impression of the chair or replace it when it gets dirty.
(replacement back cushion, replacement seat cushion, replacement back resin, replacement back plywood)