/ Ordina




Chairs are needed everywhere. From meeting rooms to the pantry to small discussion area and even lobby area. We acknowledge the fact that, the chair has to be flexible, user-friendly and comfortable. With that in mind, we designed Ordina, the All Multi-Purpose Chair. Designed and made in Japan. Ordina is a stylist, and it offers the light weight and also optional finished for the backrest and different colours of fabric upholstery. The most important factor is, the chair can be stack away when not in use.

Ordina is a smart and savvy multi-purpose chair. Equipped with durable casters, the chair can be pushed around with ease. With the flip up seat pan, it enables the chair to be stackable seamlessly when is not in use. Comes with different colours fabric upholstery and frame colours, Ordina gives you the flexibilities to mix and match to blend into the office environment


Sturdy Support and Durability

Its backrest is made in high grade polypropylene to withstand tension and shock. It makes Ordina a durable and sustainable chair.

Stack Away with Ease

Not in use, then stack them away. With a minimum gap in-between the stacking chairs, it save space when comes to storing the chair