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offset frame

A day office collection;
offset frame chair is casual stacking chair that has a variety of purposes ranging from placing it in meeting areas or open spaces of an office.

Designed by nendo, although the composition of the chair is simple, comprised of the combination of a plastic resin shell with a unified back and seat section and a metal frame, it has a design feature detailing the frame section slightly “protruding” from the shell. This has allowed the chair

to be pulled out effortlessly just by holding on to the back frame, and has also enabled it to be trailed sideways or carried around and stacked with ease, just by taking hold of the frame on the side of the seat.

Sleek with Variations
A rich variation is available, with 8 different models with different frames ranging from arm chairs, caster chairs and single-legged chairs, with 6 colour variations for the shells and 3 colours variations for the frames, detachable fabric and leather covers to choose from.

Easy to Handle

The protrusion from the chair frame enables to user to carry or move the chair around seamlessly.
Option frames colour to give options to variations of selections and choices.