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The most inviting and inspiring spaces help people make meaningful progress on their work. Integrate technology that makes it easier for people to collaborate, encourages movement and makes it easier to get into focus. However, there comes a time or moment that employees need to be away from the general office environment. A cosy space or furniture to improve the well-being while re-charge at work. Notion is a browsing chair that was designed to support activity-based
working (ABW) by providing users with a private, personal, relaxing space in which to focus on their work while still maintaining a connection
with their surroundings.

Notion features a spacious seat width with a comfortable back cushion support, and side ‘wings’ to block out unwanted noise and distraction as you stay focus. Notion comes with variation of high back with more privacy and low back for more causal and collaboration purpose between private and public zones.


The utmost comfort

Naturally mould into your body, from the shoulder blades and supports of the elbow. Design to make you feel comfortable while browsing.

Built-in wire mangement

A seat cushion comes will volume filled foam that makes you comfortable and relaxing for long hours of sitting.
The width between the seat and the frame is spacious enough to provide a generous space.