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Mycket is an All purpose and all occasion chair for your modern and chic office environment.
Slim, colourful, full of variations and sleek with the design for the comfort in mind.
Mycket is designed for durability, comfort and versatility.

Designed and made in Japan.
Mycket is a stylish chair that comes with variration of normal stacking chair that comes with different legs and finishes.
It also comes with selection of wooden legs and even high chair that can be stack-able.
Mycket is definitely the chair for all multi-purpose usages.

Mycket is light-weight comes with varies frame colours and seat cushion fabrics.
The seat pan is designed to provide better sitting comfort for long period of time, thus improve the sitting posture and better support. Optional durable casters, allows the chair to be pushed around with ease.
Mycket is designed to blend into the backdrop of all office environment.

Ultimate comfort and durability

With the seat cushion mould in urethane finished, it provides a comfortable to sit on.
The appropriate thickness and surface shape disperse the body pressure,
therefore it allows the user to sit comfortably for long hours.

Stable and design savvy

Bag-friendly spine shape back rest.
The gentle curve design on the back rest allows the user to hook their bag easily.

Consideration the ease of pulling the chair, the newly designed foot glide provides better stability,
reduce of noise while dragging it.