/ Materibo


Your Ideal Whiteboard.
Accessory whiteboard with various functional panels. Fold in one action for easy carrying.



Materibo is a whiteboard that suitables for any office lounge.The design and soft colour simply fit into any office lounge environment. The panel fabric is made by soft pastel-coloured upholstery. With two choices of whiteboard (white and light), the overall design aims to produce a warm living room impression

Folds in one action, so you can easily carry it around

Pin-ups and pamphlet stands where you can easily share information

Gentle and Soothing Colours
The shape is designed like a signboard in a cafe. With soft pastel coloured upholstery panels, it creates a warm livelike atmosphere.

Compact & Foldable.
Materibo is a convenient whiteboard that can be folded and placed anywhere, making it easy to carry and clean up. It can be stored compactly just by closing the panel, so when not in use, it leans against the wall and does not obstruct the space.

Multi-usage Function
Materibo has variety of product range, allowing users to choose whichever models that suit the space best. Users can freely share information using the whiteboard.