/ Madre


Public spaces are constantly filled with people. People from all walk of life. Be it physically challenge, or with lots of belongings with you, Madre is designed to look into this persistent problem.
Waiting at crowded space can be frustrating. Everyone deserves a space of their own. With Madre, more walking spaces can be created, it helps to create a smooth walking flow in a compact environment, especially in public areas. With this abilities, more people can be accommodated in these spaces and at the same time, provide a more comfortable sitting layout.

Madre was born through observations, researches and interviews with the general public, to meet the basic human traffic flow requirements and to solve the ever crowded and confide public places.
Thoughtful designed are taken into consideration when designed the sofa. Every design aspects come with a specific reason and significance behind it. From the ability to crafting out your personal space to creating more legs room, Madre is more than just a sofa, it is a sofa that solved many space constraint issue, thus making the general spaces a happier place to be.

Design for Practicality

Thoughtful design to create more space and also edge of the sofa for quick response. But it will not be a burden to the general passage way.

More Space Available

The base of the sofa is also a space for animal. They can rest under the sofa without blocking the passage way.