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Balancing a living-like design and work functionality.
A casual chair that blends well in a working space.

A tilting mechanism and shell shape that supports long hours of work
A tilting mechanism and shell shape that supports long hours of work. The three-dimensional shape of the seat’s chip molded urethane achieves a stable posture and a feeling of being enveloped.
The tilting mechanism for the backrest provides a comfortable working posture. The tilt function can be adjusted to a forward tilt of 3 degrees and a backward tilt of 6 degrees to support a comfortable working posture.

Covering back cushion
The back cushion, which is prone to dirt, can be easily replaced with snap buttons, allowing you to use it in good condition for a long time. *Cannot be washed.
Chip molded urethane
It is a recycled material made by crushing and compressing the waste edges of urethane generated during the manufacturing process of furniture, cars, and general goods. It has both the reproducibility of three-dimensional curves that fit the body and recyclability.
Recycled resin (TEXa)
The material for the resin shell is a bioplastic made by recycling palm oil press fiber (non-edible part), which is agricultural waste. It reduces the use of petroleum-based plastics and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

One-touch detachable and replaceable long-life design

The backrest and seat can be attached and detached with one touch, and can be replaced without tools.
It has a long-life design that allows you to change the impression of the chair or replace it when it gets dirty.
(replacement back cushion, replacement seat cushion, replacement back resin, replacement back plywood)