/ Legno




Japanese Quality; Excelling in durability and strength.

LEGNO is made and designed for the everyday use. It’s simplicity can be seen from its clamp shell design back rest and seat base. But do not fooled by the look, it was made to sustain time and stress from the everyday use. Based on the Japanese’s quality standard, the chair was put under many hours of strength and resistance test. The features just do not stop here, the backrest and seat is designed to accommodate and  accustomed to your sitting posture, therefore improve your seating comfort and enhance the experience from long hours of sitting.

Flexible Backrest

The flexibility of the backrest gives a different dimensional of comfort and sitting posture. The tension can be adjusted via a lever to cater for different level of comfort.

Detachable Armrest

The positive thing about LEGNO chair is that it gives you the flexibility and choice of removing the armrest easily when is not in use. Again it can be also easily fix back without much hassle.