/ Leafline​




At the core of its function, Leafline is a table that fills in more role than you think. From multi-purpose room to meeting room and even seminar or training room. With its define design lever and smooth operation when to flip over the table top, every aspect of the design prospect is to create a safe to use and function product.

To top it all, Leafline makes an impeccable, professional impression within any budget. Designed to fit into all sort of environments, Leafline integrates seamlessly with other KOKUYO products that complete the look of your office space and Environment.

Its simple design and usage serve as the fundamental objective of our design brief to bring the ease of use to the users.

Slim line design and versatility are the main traits of Leafline.

Leafline works well everywhere and whenever and wherever you need it.



Lever is designed in the way that when the table top is flip down, there is no way that the hand will be caught in-between.

More Than Just a Table

The stacking gap in-between the table is so minimum that it could stack up to more tables that you could imagine. Thus save space.