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How would working people and companies affected if a comfortable freely gatherable space is made available? At some point of time, everyone needs to take a breather away from the hectic environment to keep up with their sanity. A place, which is easily accessible and where people are able to engage in personal and open conversations, enabling one to feel relaxed while sparkling a little excitement along the way.

The ambience mimics a camp like space, encapsulating nature’s freshness within the office and with the wonders of nature surrounding. Better thoughts and bigger ideas are born!

"Free Camp" Layout

A comfortable multi-purpose space where people naturally gather in the office that implementing ABW.

"Centre Camp" Layout

A meeting space that can open up your mind while creating sense of distance.

"Random Camp" Layout

A space where near your working space and can be easily access.

"Corner Camp" Layout

Turn an unutilized space into a resting space for relaxing.

"All camp" layout.

In an office where you can enjoy camping environment while working.