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inframe screen meeting booth is designed based on the concept of providing the comfort, semi-closer and varies usage mode, as we aim to make the office environment comfortable and relaxing.

Lately, many office space emphasise on providing quality  work life for their employees by installing furniture that deem comfortable and relaxing at the same time. It aims to connect people from the surroundings thus to create an efficient and cosy environment. Inframe is designed to fit into that category, by using of natural and surrounding light ventilation, which gives a lightness impresion by elevating the panel away from the floor level to gives a floating and semi-closer effect. With the use of soft materials for the panels, it gives a soft and subtle ambience to the surroundings.


Streamline Design

Streamline design that is easy on the eyes and seamlessly installation and relocating of the panel.

Easy Installation and Dismantle

Soft material and easily remove that makes the panel sustainable and re-usable. With the use of soft material, it will not make the user feel too constrain within a confide space.