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Your ideal personal storage.

FreeWagon as the name explain, is a versatile and flexible wagon that work as your assistant.
Place them simply by the side of your work desk and you can easily tuck your personal belongings and work tools safely and neatly. FreeWagon comes in standard black and white colour but more vibrant colours are also available to suit your style and preferences.

FreeWagon is a self organising mobile wagon that aim to let the user to organise and place their personal items in a mannerly and neat way.
A wagon is designed to work for you, comes with separate shelvings for easy management of your items. FreeWagon is also generous in storage space and quality in finishes and is developed for durability and sustainability. Comes in different colours, FreeWagon address the storage solutions for your office needs.
You can be assure that your documents and personal belongings are properly secure and kept safe at all time.

Storage Management

The upper tier of the shelf allows the user to put the everyday
items that is easy to pick it up and on the move.

At the bottom, you could store A4 file box, and can be stored vertically in fours.
The width is wide enough to store more documents when needed.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design without being obvious.
The handle provide a better handling of the wagon when moving them around.
The wagon also comes with bag hook as the user can
conveniently hang their bags by the side of the wagon.