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From casual to chic spaces, choose the ideal scene with the café table series.

Fun design for the office space where conversation is lively.

Choose according to the scene, with various shapes and color variations

We have prepared a wide range of variations to choose from according to the scene and the ideal space image. Three shapes of tabletop: rectangular, square, and circular, and four types of legs: four legs, single column, double column, cross-shape legs.
Additionally, the four-leg type uses warm wooden legs and slim steel legs with beautiful lines.

A rich work option that fits the way of working in Activity Based Working (ABW).

There is a wealth of options that make it easy to work even in refresh areas. If you add a luggage storage made of fabric material, you can store your laptop and luggage during lunchtime and enjoy it comfortably.
In addition, a tray for holding small items and a bag hook are also available.

10 colors of tabletop color variations

Standard tabletop
The standard tabletop features a clean and harmonious white finish, and a high-quality melamine tabletop with a natural wood grain pattern.

High-grade tabletop
The high-grade tabletop features a moderate rough wood grain that creates a comfortable atmosphere. It is a melamine tabletop that also offers durability.
With a rich texture of tabletop color variations, you can create the space you like.
We also have tabletop material that achieves a 99.9% reduction in antibacterial and antiviral effects compared to regular melamine laminate after 24 hours.