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The name of "FOLIA" comes from the Italian "Le foglie" (leaf).

FOLIA's backrest design integrates the shape of a leaf. The air waist supporting technique enables the back to sufficiently relax, just like a plant breathes in nature, relieving the sedentary fatigue of the human body, and bringing the user and nature closer together.

FOLIA series  has specially-designed high seat chairs, with a fashionable and elegant appearance.  Add a touch of fashion to a modern office space and start the new way with the comfort FOLIA.

With a stylish and compact design, FOLIA is suitable for all kinds of workplaces.  FOLIA also comes with a rich variation collocation, all products have the practical of ergonomics design, and they can be sorted at will based on different spaces and designs.

Air-lumba Support Technology & Auto Recline Mechanism 

The button-type air cushioned waist support of FOLIA provide the perfect support and flexibility which can relieve the burden on spine.  Instead of the complicated manual adjustment, the weight sensing structure (a lingkage between back and seat) can adjust the best backrest strength based on the weight of the user.


Depth Adjustment of Seat & 2D Armrest

Meet office habits of people with different shapes by adjusting the width of the seat. The armrest also can be adjusted up&down and front&back based on the height of tables as well as the shape and the work posture of users.