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FitMe is seamless utility tables that are easy to use, handle and really smart! When collaboration, communication and connection plays a pivotal role in this new work style era, it is essential for the employees to have a versatile table that is easy to move around by having castors. FitMe also comes in varies shapes and sizes for different usage and functions. With its smart magnetic connection, the table can be joined by the magnetic click, pull them away to disconnect them.

The table legs come with auto floor glide adjuster, to provides a better stability. FitMe is a relevant and versatile tables that support teamwork and collaboration seamlessly.


Magnetic Mechanism

Easily connect and disconnect via a magnetic mechanism. Just align the table and the magnet will click together from 2 separate tables. Just pull away to disconnect them.


The castors can be locked to provide stability.
It also comes with a floor glide adjustor to align with the flooring.