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Store Them All.
Utilize your office space with sleek cabinets to simplify the space.

It is a series that allows you to select the optimal storage according to the office usage and space with the abundant variations.

Maximize Your Space
EDIA is developed for durability and sustainability. With its use of quality hinges and mechanism, the cabinet is able to withstand heavy loads.

From standard locker to personal locker to business saver cabinets, we bet there’ll be one that is suitable for your office needs.



EDIA lockers is designed and made in Japan.

EDIA locker is big in storage and quality in mechanism and is developed for durability and sustainability.

Comes with options of lockset or numbers locks. The lockers can be use for personal use, business use or act as a pigeon holes. With its use of quality hinges and mechanism, the locker is able to withstand heavy loads.

Comes in different sizes and even to customize based on number of users, EDIA is the locker solutions for your office environment. You can be assure that your documents and personal belongings are properly secure and kept safe in them at all time. Add-on accessories are available to complete the total usage of the lockers. EDIA lockers is the locker for multi usage and flexibility.


Wire Management

Power socket for accessible for power. EDIA supports the wire running beneath the ground to the top of the cabinet top if required.

Add-on Accessories

Comes with varies of add-on accessories to complete the usage of EDIA lockers.

Simplicity is The Best.
The slim design creates a minimalist space. The large handle, which is designed with universal design in mind, is easy to grip and the door can be opened and closed smoothly.

Ideal for filing.
Different configurations and colours to improve the office environment.

EDIA is also equipped with a safety lock mechanism that prevents other drawers from being pulled out when one drawer is pulled out. Helps prevent furniture from tipping over.