/ EDIA (Modular Shelving System)

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Extensive Variation and Combination. The EDIA modular shelving is the lite version of the office storage solutions. It comes in different tiers and colours panels that enable you to beautify the office space. It works as a divider between departments or groups, whereby cordon area for different purposes such as lounge or social area.

In the past, erecting of office partitions is a common sight in the office, however with  the escalating cost of erecting one, many offices have began to use temporary furniture to segregate the space. EDIA modular shelving systems, acts as a flexible and functional substitute to the office partition, besides it looks far better than a office partition. The individual storage unit can be detached or stack on giving you the flexibility to add on additional storage to the office environment.

 We in KOKUYO, create furniture capable of predicting and serving the needs we will face tomorrow.

More Space Allocated for All Files Types

Conveniently within the shelves space. From files to books to decorative items, the shelf space serve as an ideal space to accommodate all your items..

Convenience at your fingertips

All that is require items are conveniently accessible. Place the shelves at general places for easy retrieval and accessibility.