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We do believe that a smart furniture goes a long way to help boost efficiency and save cost in a long run. In a fast moving corporate world, time is paramount importance as well as the costs involve in investing the right furniture to fit right into the tough economic climate. However, we acknowledge that group work is dynamic and time and time again ad hoc situation is something we cannot afford to avoid.

CONFEST enable individuals to transform quickly a U-Shape configuration into several blocks cater for small team discussion or work.

CONFEST was created with flexibility in mind. A simple function folding mechanism enables the worktop to be flipped down into place in moments, to create a meeting space. If not in use, simply flipped up and rolled them away for a quick and space efficient storage.


To the Finest Details

When the tables are put together to join them, there are very little gap in-between.


Lever is designed in the way that when the table top is flip down, there is no way that the hand will be caught in-between.