/ Clavo



A cost-effective, comfortable training chair that lasts year after year. Simple design that suitable for various spaces, from private offices to open area. In addition, the meeting usage and the number of participants can be adjusted based on the layout.

Compact and horizontally stackable, able to increase the usable area of the meeting space to store it efficiently. With or without the side writing board, the stacked horizontal clearance is 205mm.


Stable and Sapce Saving

With the improve of the chairs’ frame, it provide solution for limited working space as stacked horizontal clearance is only 205mm. By this way, it helps the organisation to organise their furniture neatly and properly. 

Optional with or without Table-board

There are optional to for with or without the table-board depends on daily usage of the office space. Table-board colour is align with the chairs’ frame to create a simple and useful design either for informal meeting or formal meeting.