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Campus UP

Campus Up is designed and made in Japan. They are fun, cheerful and most of all, flexible and versatile. Campus Up is an ideal chair for the seminar, training and all educational sector. It comes with different colours to brighten up your office or classroom mood and the unique curve back gives the user a firm and uncompromising comfort! Comes with variations of usage, Campus Up is the chair that spices up your environment.

The most prominent feature of the chair is the back design. The back design is sleek but at the same time, it provides a firm support to the back while sitting down. This helps the user to feel more secure and comfortable. The chair can also be stackable, it helps to save space when you are not in use. Campus Up is ideal for all educational sector, quick discussion purposes in the office space.

Campus Up table is made for seamless discussion and collaboration. Comes in 4 different shapes for different configurations to make learning more interesting and fun. The table top can even be fold and stack away when not in use, this way it helps to save space. The table legs comes with the locking mechanism to help stabilize the table from the ground thus providing better grip and support. The table can also fit with add-on accessories to facilitate better discussion by adding the Campus Up writing block.


Posture Support

With the integrated seat base mechanism, the chair is mold to the body movement, supporting the posture and support the lower pelvis area.

Add on Accessories

Optional accessories can be add on.
Underneath metal tray is large enough for more storage space. Add on flip up writing tablet that cater for A3 size.

Stack Ability and Save Space

The table can be fold and stack away when not in use.
This way it helps to save a lot of more space when not in use.

Designed with Specific Purpose

The whiteboard is made for the purpose of discussion.
The board can be placed besides the table for discussion, comes with stabilizer to stabilize the board when writing on it. The board is also flappable if need to.