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Firm and Uncompromising Comfort.
As the name suggested, the chair is easy to use, fun to use, looks cheerful and most of all, flexible and versatile.

All-in-one chair comes with an integrated memo pad and storage to remove the need for a conference table and create an active and flexible meeting scene.

Your Ideal Discussion Chair.
Users can easily gather for a conference and disperse into smaller breakout groups by just moving the chairs. With the flexibility, users can face the front easily for TV conferences.

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All in One

All in one is designed and made in Japan.

As the name suggested, the chair is easy to use, fun to use, looks cheerful and most of all, flexible and versatile. All in One is an ideal chair for the seminar, training, meeting and highly suitable for the educational sector.
It comes with different colours options to brighten up your office or classroom and the unique clamp back rest gives the user a firm and uncompromising comfort!
Comes with variations of usage, All in One is the chair that spices up your environment.

The backrest design is sleek but at the same time, it provides a firm support to the back while sitting down. This helps the user to feel more secure and comfortable. The chair comes with castors for easy pushing around.

Ergonomic Design

The seat and the memo stand can be rotated for smooth entering and exiting the seat.
Bag hook: You can hang the bag you brought to the meeting.
The bag hook colour is the same as the colour of the legs.
(Height from floor: 595 mm)


Memo stand
Movable with tablet stand and cup holder
A3 paper can be laid flat sideways, Memo stand dimensions: W600 x D325

The position of the memo stand can be adjusted to suit the individual preference.

Free posture enables casual meetings.

We aimed to save space by integrating the table and chairs.
The free posture of the chairs allows them to face the front at all times, making it easy to view the monitor or have a conversation. The one-item design also allows for speedy preparation. The shape allows easy entry and exit for active meetings.

Can be tailored to the speaker’s posture and the format of the meeting.

Two types are available: a middle-high type for flat discussions at an eye level close to the standing posture, and a middle type suitable for presentations and lecture scenes.

Comfortable set-up for items to be carried around.

All work tools are within easy reach, including a memo stand optimized for work that can lay A3 paper flat, a cup holder, and a tablet stand. The position can be adjusted by sliding it to suit various body sizes, making it suitable for users of different builds. By utilizing the bag hooks on the side of the chair, the entire space looks neat and tidy.